Who is Mike Geary?

mike-gearyWho is Mike Geary?


One may ask. Well he is an internationally acclaimed personal trainer and health acumen coach, also a fully certified nutrition consultant. At one time in his career as a health trainer, he got some queries from people who wanted to learn more losing tummy fat. Most of them wanted to know the best way that they could get a 6 pack.

So frequent were these questions that he realized there was too much misinformation regarding fitness in the general audience.

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In addition, his works led him to believe that many people didn’t know their body function, and also ignorant on how they can combine fitness with proper nutrition in a vibrant way to get the best fitness results. All these factors led him to develop a health program called ‘The Truth of Abs‘. This invention has the following facets:

a) The writer’s nutrition guide. It gives readers a set of food which they can take to break down unnecessary fats within their stomach lining. They include almonds, oatmeal and asparagus. Mike also discusses some unhealthy foods we take that don’t assist in ones quest towards shedding body fat.

b) An E-book on appropriate workout practice. This handy guide gives you detailed steps on ways of burning belly fat with compound exercises. Trainers are also given hints on how to protect their backs from strain and injury while working out. By following these simple instructions, he believes that you would get a smaller tummy in some few months. Plus 6-pack abs would also develop.

Mike wanted to provide a simple and comprehensible source of health information to those who need it most. He theorizes there is lots of fiction about losing weight that need to be separated from the facts. Unlike other nutrition experts who only prophesy the popular ‘food pyramid’, Geary gives an in-depth analysis of his concepts in a candid and straight way that resonates with the audience.

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He openly talks about manufactured foods that are bad for us, due to the high concentration of chemicals and low nutritional value. The expert encourages people to focus more on natural foods rather than processed ones. His training program can be summarized into four phases which are:

1) Working out the entire body
2) Developing the correct attitude
3) Tracking and highlighting progress
4) Positive lifestyle changes

Mike Geary's BookFull body exercise

Geary believes that weight watchers shouldn’t isolate any part of their body while training. Unlike other programs which zero in on abdominal muscles, his technique is different since he addresses the entire body through various means.

Anyone can start this program and it doesn’t require any special preparations, even those who don’t have ready access to gym equipment can still use this program efficiently. There isn’t any ‘magic pill’ which would melt off your pounds, you need to train and eat well in order to realize the best results.

Proper Attitude

Mark acknowledges that many of us go into fitness training with a negative mindset which often causes zero changes in the body. One should be able to develop a vision of where they would like to be in the near future, but it doesn’t just stop here since discipline would also be needed. Putting your thoughts into practice is the only way forward.

Marking down progress

Studies show that people remember more when they write their points down instead of memorizing. Mike Geary recommends to jot down their goals and achievements from time to time, this helps in knowing whether the strategy you’ve chosen is tangible or some few adjustments need to be made. Positive changes in training would also motivate your psyche in a remarkable way.

Lifestyle Changes

Some people lead fast and unhealthy lifestyles that don’t add up to their health, they take lots of junk food and also tend to exercise less claiming that they don’t have time. Such behavior marks the beginning of health issues that may diminish your quality of life. This is quite a comprehensive course that discusses various aspects of your wellness, chief among them being psychological and physical.

With the correct attitude and commitment, one would be able to live a much longer and fulfilling life. Mike Geary has written many fitness magazines about his life changing program, some of them can be accessed online from his official website. It’s also good to note that hundreds of people have already used his invention successfully.

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